I have been interviewed by a number of publications including New York Magazine’s The Cut, Flare Magazine, Stylist Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Times of India, and a number of popular digital news platforms including Business Insider.



WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A ‘PLUS-SIZE’ MODEL By Erica Schwiegershausen Amanda Czerniawski, an assistant professor of sociology at Temple University, took an unconventional approach to writing her dissertation: She decided to try her hand at plus-size modeling. “As an academic, I’d always been interested in the notion of ‘ideal weight,’” Czerniawski told the Cut. “I … Continue reading New York MAGAZINE

The Globe and Mail

A CAMPAIGN TO ABOLISH ‘PLUS-SIZE’ LABELS OBSCURES A FAR BIGGER POINT By Nathalie Atkinson A few weeks ago, Ajay Rochester, a former host of the Australian version of TV’s The Biggest Loser, teamed up with her compatriot, model Stefania Ferrario, to spearhead a new campaign called #DropThePlus. Making clear that she doesn’t find the descriptor “plus-size” … Continue reading The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

IS THE ‘CURVY-GIRL REVOLUTION’ REALLY HAPPENING? By Nathalie Atkinson There’s new fodder in the movement for greater size diversity in fashion. The latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition features, for the first time, a plus-size model (Robyn Lawley). Another (Ashley Graham) is featured in an ad in the same issue, and she also happens to star in … Continue reading The Globe and Mail

Business Insider

RETAILERS ARE MISSING OUT ON A $9 BILLION OPPORTUNITY By Mallory Schlossberg Retailers are largely ignoring plus-size women. According to IBIS World, the market for plus-size women was worth $9 billion in 2014. The average woman in America is a size 14 (plus sizes are typically between sizes 14 and 34). Yet retailers barely cater … Continue reading Business Insider

Business Insider

THIS COMMON MISTAKE IS KEEPING RETAILERS FROM A $17.5 BILLION INDUSTRY By Mallory Schlossberg Retailers are missing out on a crucial opportunity: the plus-size industry. The category is worth $17.5 billion, according to industry research firm NPD Group. So why are retailers avoiding this highly profitable demographic? Designers are afraid. “I would argue that why many non-plus-size … Continue reading Business Insider

Business Insider

THIS LINGERIE COMPANY IS TAPPING INTO A $17.5 BILLION INDUSTRY THAT MANY RETAILERS IGNORE By Mallory Schlossberg It’s no secret that the plus-size market is underserved. The category is worth $17.5 billion, according to industry-research firm NPD Group. The deficit of stylish apparel that these women face is likely rooted in retailers’ and designers’ fear. … Continue reading Business Insider

Business Insider

MARC JACOBS SUBTLY USED A PLUS-SIZE MODEL IN A RUNWAY SHOW By Mallory Schlossberg It’s rare to see a high-fashion designer place larger models on the runway. But Marc Jacobs just set a new standard. At New York Fashion Week, the designer featured plus-size indie rock singer Beth Ditto, Rachel Lubitz of Mic points out. Perhaps … Continue reading Business Insider

Paula Magazine

LA MODA XL EN LA BALANZA  Por Bárbara Riedemann Revuelo causó a mediados de marzo la censura que las cadenas de televisión NBC y ABC aplicaron al comercial de Lane Bryant, marca estadounidense de ropa femenina para tallas grandes que, desde la década de los 20, ha sido pionera en este nicho de consumidoras rezagadas por … Continue reading Paula Magazine

Cosmopolitan Philippines

WHAT IT’S *REALLY* LIKE TO BE A PLUS-SIZE MODEL By Stephanie Shi It’s quite rare to find someone who thinks or wonders about the pressures plus-size models go through. Popular culture and media make it seem like these people no longer struggle with their weight or societal expectations to be skinny, especially since they’ve become … Continue reading Cosmopolitan Philippines


ENFIM, CHEGOU A VEZ DOS GORDOS NAS CAMPANHAS DE PUBLICIDADE Empresas começam a incluir lentamente os consumidores acima do peso — os chamados “plus size” Por Marina Filippe São Paulo — No final de abril, a rede varejista Riachuelo lançará na TV e em mídias digitais sua campanha de marketing para o Dia das Mães. Até … Continue reading EXAME

Hello Giggles

IS IT TIME TO RETIRE THE TERM ‘PLUS SIZE’? By Kit Steinkellner In the 1920’s, Lane Bryant, (a clothing company known for producing clothes for expectant mothers since the beginning of the 20th century) saw that there was no clothing company mass-manufacturing apparel for larger women and started selling clothes “For the Stout Women.” Of course, … Continue reading Hello Giggles

Take Part

A PLUS-SIZE MODEL TAKES YOU BEHING THE CURTAIN By Jessica Dollin Amanda Czerniawski was working out on the treadmill one day when she had a revelation: What if, to gain insight on the most current modes in the fashion world, she went undercover as a plus-size model? The Temple University sociology professor researches standards of beauty and … Continue reading Take Part

HERE’S WHAT OUR OBSESSION WITH ‘PLUS SIZE’ REALLY SAYS ABOUT US By Theresa Avila When People put Tess Holliday on its cover in May, the headline shouted: “The World’s First Size 22 Supermodel!” The headline makes it clear: Those double digits are the most important fact readers should know. Because even when we trumpet that “size doesn’t … Continue reading


THIS WOMAN WENT UNDERCOVER AS A PLUS-SIZE MODEL TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT THE INDUSTRY By Kat S. In 2005, Amanda M. Czerniawski was a sociology grad student with a scholarly interest in “idealized bodies.” She was also a former child actor, a background that came in handy when she decided to research the world … Continue reading XOVAIN.COM

Princeton Alumni Weekly

SOCIOLOGIST CZERNIAWSKI ’03 GOES UNDERCOVER AS A PLUS-SIZE MODEL By Katherine Boyer Amanda Czerniawski ’03 was a trained sociologist, a former child actor, and a graduate from two of America’s best universities when she decided to spend more than two years working as a model in New York City. At a size 10, Czerniawski had … Continue reading Princeton Alumni Weekly

HERE’S WHAT TESS HOLLIDAY REALLY THINKS ABOUT THE WORD “FAT” By Theresa Avila “I love the word ‘fat.’” That’s not a common sentiment. For being a very small word, “fat” carries plenty of nasty connotations. But it doesn’t have to be that way, according to body-positive activists. At a panel hosted by Refinery29 on Thursday evening, women … Continue reading


WHY PLUS-SIZE WOMEN CAN’T POSE SEDUCTIVELY WITH FOOD LIKE BELLA HADID AND EMILY RATAJKOWSKI By Many Velez In a recent video shoot for LOVE magazine, Emily Ratajkowski slathered herself in spaghetti. That same week, Vogue Italia released photos from its “Celebration Issue” featuring Bella Hadid and Lily Aldridge holding up chickens and posing with big feasts. It’s lauded as “editorial” and “chic,” … Continue reading Yahoo

From the Square

Q&A WITH AUTHOR For over two years, sociologist Amanda M. Czerniawski went undercover as a plus-size model to gain insight on how women navigate this sector of the fashion industry—and the impact plus-size models can have on our constructions of beauty. The result is her new book, Fashioning Fat, forthcoming this month from NYU Press. She spoke recently about … Continue reading From the Square

Zipped Magazine


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