I teach a range of courses in the fields of gender, sexuality, health, and inequality.


Health and Reproduction

Although reproduction is a biological process, the cultural norms, social institutions, and personal experiences associated with reproduction vary considerably. In this course, we will explore the social construction and social control of reproduction by considering who is (and is not) encouraged to reproduce, and the ways in which both reproduction and women’s bodies are regulated … Continue reading Health and Reproduction

Sociology of the Body

What do bodies tell us about ourselves and about others? Does our speaking voice show our class background? Why might someone who is “black” or “white” in the United States not be considered so in another country? Who decides what a healthy body is? In this course, we will look at the body, not simply … Continue reading Sociology of the Body

Sex & Society

Sex is at the forefront of many legislative, cultural, and personal debates. In this course, we will examine several key areas of conflict in the sexual “culture war,” such as sexual education in American schools, global public health policies, the definition of marriage and family, abortion rights, contraceptives and the Health and Human Services mandate, … Continue reading Sex & Society

Gender in America

How does gender shape our lives and the world around us? In this course, we will examine gender, not as a simple biological difference, but as a social construction. Acquiring a gendered lens, we will examine gender roles in contemporary United States society and look into such topics as the constitution of selves and experiences … Continue reading Gender in America

Human Sexuality

This course is an introduction to the sociological study of sexuality. While sex is about individual bodies and activities, we will be looking at the ways that sex and sexuality are fundamentally social and central to our experiences as humans. With whom we have sex, how often we have sex, how we identify sexually and … Continue reading Human Sexuality

Internship in Sociology

The sociology internship program provides a learning experience that unites the core concepts of sociology with professional organizational settings and the community as a whole, while also guiding students as they transition into their own professional lives. Internships provide students with opportunities to witness how sociological processes unfold in the real world, utilize their analytical … Continue reading Internship in Sociology

Politics of Identity

This course introduces students to social diversity as it is reflected in several categories of identity considered socially meaningful and structurally important in the contemporary United States: gender, race, class, and sexuality. Among the questions we will explore are: to what extent are our identities innate or socially constructed? How do they affect our opportunities … Continue reading Politics of Identity

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