Beauty Beyond a Size 16

“The difficult work of expanding beauty ideals”

The spring issue of Contexts is out and features my article on the changes in the plus-size industry this past year! In it, I discuss the phenom Tess Holliday and the practice of padding in the industry. Interestingly, each of plus-size fashion’s milestones has seen mixed reception because there is a persistent cultural sigma around fat. Size bias is hanging on in the very sector of fashion believed to be immune to size discrimination. It reveals just how deeply our culture’s narrowly constructed ideas about bodies and beauty go.

The whole issue (and my article!) is available for free online until July 23, 2016 at Check it out!

Contexts is a quarterly magazine that makes cutting-edge social research super accessible to general readers. I highly recommend it. For more information on the magazine, check out its website here.


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