The Sixty-Six Percent


Last year, I met with Natalie Abruzzo on a snowy Valentine’s Day in New York City to shoot an interview for her documentary film and multimedia project, The Sixty-Six Percent. Today, I am pleased to announce that it is done and premiering next week! Here’s a description of the short film:

The Sixty-Six Percent is about women in the U.S. – the overwhelming majority of which are overweight (66%) according to the CDC, thus considered “plus-size” by the fashion industry, yet are treated as the minority in women’s wear.

The film explores the annual event, Full-Figured Fashion Week, which seeks to counteract the normative behavior that has been perpetuated by New York Fashion Week in continuing to drape society’s belief in beauty as being an unattainable fantasy.

If you are in the NYC area, come check it out these free events, one at Brooklyn College and the other at Women’s eNews. I will be attending the one in downtown Manhattan at Women’s eNews on April 1st and participating in a Q&A panel with some amazing plus-size industry leaders. Join us and be a part of the conversation about culture, perceptions, and consumers.


2 thoughts on “The Sixty-Six Percent

  1. Catherine says:

    Will this film be shown in theaters or HBO or Hulu? The subject matter is incredibly fascinating to me. I’m no plus sized but I’m not a human q-tip either. I have big thighs and blah blah. AND I’m soon-to-be-over 60 (61 next month). The enormous amount of of ageism in the fashion industry is sinful. The old ladies are treated the same as the plus-sized ladies and hopefully something will be done about it soon. I am constantly bewildered that the fashion industry only concentrates on: Tampon-thin models and other women who struggle to weigh under 90 lbs, youth and wealth. Does this industry not realize there are other women out there?

    I am eagerly looking forward to seeing this documentary. Thank you for posting.


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