Review in PLUS Model Magazine

review PLUS Model Mag screenshot

PLUS Model Magazine reviewed my book!

Fashioning Fat does a great job at showing you how the gears work in the plus size modeling world from the model’s perspective.

The book reads almost like a warning to young, bright-eyed aspiring plus size models hoping to break into the industry; an industry that is slow to fully embrace the true image of plus size women today, but prefers to simply transfer its unrealistic and unreasonable beauty standards from straight size into plus.

Yet despite this, there is an emerging grassroots community of independent designers, brands, bloggers, celebrities who are disrupting the traditional norms of beauty standards in fashion. This movement is enough to force conservative fashion brands to take notice and act. It is from the efforts of all involved in the body-positive movement that we are starting to see a change in the industry.

Maybe in the next few years, we’ll have another book about the plus size modeling industry, exploring the positive work it is achieving in furthering the body positive movement and the idea that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

It looks like I have an idea for the sequel!

Check out what else Natasha Nurse of PLUS Model Magazine said here.


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